ADVANTAGE (Advanced Communications and Information processing in smart grid systems) is a major inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral 4 year research project between power and communications engineering research and development communities, training 13 Early Stage Researchers.

Our main research focus is on advancing the understanding of the smart grid operation, providing architectural solutions for smart grid systems and the contribution of innovative information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. Within this broad research area, ADVANTAGE is organised in the following four target areas:

Work package 1: Smart Homes: progressing the development of ICT solutions and applications in household environments to intelligent, customer-friendly, efficient and incentive-responsive home energy management solutions for smart grid household consumers.

Work package 2: Neighbourhood/Industrial Area Networks: providing efficient wide-area ICT solutions for advanced smart grid data exchange, gathering, processing and decision making in larger consumer conglomerations and environments.

Work package 3:  Micro Grids: developing ICT solutions for challenging problem of integration and distributed control of micro grids in smart grids.

Work package 4:  Intelligent Distribution Networks: advancements towards intelligent distribution network that will maintain efficient distribution management, load clustering, demand side management, distributed micro grid control, and two-way communication with customers and micro grids through Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).